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Vanity in ancient Egypt!

Ramses has built a new flashy Pyramid, Cleopatra is now dating Romans, Xerxes is posing with a golden sarcophagus and Nefertiti just got a cute Persian cat. Social networks just arrived in Ancient Egypt and a crazy popularity war has started!

Share your Royal thoughts via Meowerrr, impress your servants by posting on SphynxBook, upload last night's party pics on Insta-Ra and find your soulmate on Tinubis. Everything counts on your quest to win more followers: unleash all the potential of the ancient Social Networks!

Can you become the trendiest Pharaoh of the old dynasty?

But you're a Pharaoh after all! Relax and upgrade your networks to multiply your influence or hire community managers to create posts on your behalf. Your popularity will continue to rise even during your royal naps.

Rewrite history with Trending Pharaoh, an hilarious and unique social life simulator which portrays the rulers of Ancient Egypt as never seen before.

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DETAILED FEATURES · Tons of hilarious messages!
· 20 social networks!
· Awesome Soundtrack!
· Works in background!
· Upgrade your slaves!
· Online leaderboards!
Available on the AppStore COMPATIBLE WITH · iOS
· Android
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